Thursday, April 28, 2011 last. Did I tell you I was moving?

This place is me. It's got character and not easily shaken. We've had some pretty rough storms this spring, lost a few tree limbs off the newer trees (I now consider the Bradford Pear a "trash" tree) and like me, it is a work in progress. My motto is, "Rome was not built in a day" and I'm not trying to stress myself out over wallpaper I don't care for or paint colors I don't care for. All in good time.
While the weather is warm, I am spending a lot of time outside figuring out the gardens---there are still unidentified plants (yet to bloom) and doing lots of weeding. I have a small garden beside the garage where I am growing tomatoes and a few herbs.
As a nurse practitioner, I have to keep my knowledge up to date and so, I am heading to Cape Cod for a few days to do just that---attend a continuing education seminar. I am looking forward to the trip up and the return. On the way, I plan on stopping at a few places--namely the Greenwood Gourmet Grocery, The Inn at Little Washington, I plan on making a quick detour to Portland, Maine to see my Dad, pick up some Maine lobsters, Amato's Italian Sandwiches, canolli shells from Shaw's Supermarket and head back south---to my glorious retreat of a home. I was just thinking the other day, "how many people get to drive to work each day admiring the scenery on the commute?". I feel very blessed to have this place and call it my home.


  1. Yes, those are my dogs. I presently have five dogs and three cats. "Sam", is in the front and in the foreground is "Eva". The others are around somewhere. If you ever visit, you will be greeted by the five.

  2. Wou! Your home is super gorgeous! It must feel like heaven living there! XoXo