Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Work Schedule

This week I'm starting a new work schedule--self imposed in an attempt to make better use of my time at the facility. Yesterday went fairly well, slow and easy pace. The lady with the labile blood sugars seems to have fared better on the new regimen I started for her--that's a relief.
I am happy to have a job where I have a flexible schedule, what a blessing! Sometimes I do miss working in an office environment where I have my own desk, computer, pictures and set hours. There are office pot lucks, birthdays, drug rep lunches not to mention someone who schedules who I see and when, no hunting around for someone to see because you're worried you won't make your quota for the month. Again, that's where I am fortunate in having a doc that is understanding. He knows you can't just go see a patient because they are sitting in front of you, there must be a medical necessity or it's considered fraud--Medicare fraud. That carries a HEFTY fine and I never want to commit that crime.
I have to mention that yesterday I wrote discharge orders on someone that I never thought I would. He was a patient that had come to our facility after a stroke. He was depressed. He was weak and had essentially given up his will to live. He was to the point that in order to survive he had to be fed liquid nutrition through a tube.
I've seen this done a lot and the outcome has never been good. Well, wonders never cease. He made a 360 and has gained almost 30 pounds, is eating on his own, talking, laughing, a happy man. Truly, he is a success story. It does my soul good to see him and know where he was 2 months ago and see where he is today. Today, he's going home! My best to you Mr.____, you've renewed my faith in PEG tubes!

Monday, August 23, 2010

If I had a dime...

Oh if I had a dime for every time I said I was going to be faithful and make a post daily or weekly I could...what? What would I do with all those dimes? Never mind, here I am again with the best of intentions.
As I looked at the last post with the picture of the broccoli, I saw there were no weeds in the garden. I need to take some pictures to show you just what it looks like now. I have had the best harvest ever, put up a freezer full of summer veggies. We've had lots of heat and rain and I've had little time or interest to weed in the hot humid garden. Ugh!
Yeah, I don't have enough time to fully engage in all my hobby delights and thus the weeds have grown tall, the insects are filling their little bellies on most of what's left in the garden. My friend CS, a.k.a. "The Wizard", has been too busy himself to come help out in the garden. I've even thought of renting out a room upstairs to someone if they would agree to be my "handy man" and help keep the house and garden in order. I sure could use the help.