Thursday, November 24, 2011


I worked yesterday and am off today. I follow many blogs and a few of the ones I follow are blogging on what things they are thankful for. I am thankful to finally have a position where I CAN be off on Thanksgiving...and the day after. I've got a great position, not to say that it's perfect, but it's pretty darn close. I still see geriatric patients and now I'm able to focus on prevention. I don't treat, I just review medications, the patient's social, family, medical and surgical history and perform a physical exam. Then I do a fall risk assessment and discuss all my findings with the patient. Sometimes, during the exam, I discover that the little elderly lady in front of me who's denying all problems has a temperature, or abnormal lung sounds--which require further investigation. That's when I either contact their primary provider (physician, Nurse Practitioner or PA) or their DPA (Durable Power of Attorney) and advise them of the findings. It's good to find out you've nipped something in the bud--preventing an hospital admission hopefully. It's so much better for the patient, if they aren't too sick, if they stay at home in their own environment. Hospitals are the WORST place for a sick person--sounds absurd doesn't it? There are so many germs there just waiting to hitch a ride on your body and it can wreak havoc on the elderly--especially the frail elderly.
Hey, did you hear? Tennessee ranks THIRD in the nation for over prescribing of antibiotics. I'm not surprised. In defense, when I was working in primary care (Family Practice Clinic) I had patients to chew me out and say they would go find another "doctor" to give them an antibiotic. People just don't want to hear it and don't believe that they don't need an antibiotic. I always say, "lets let your body try to fight it, I don't think you really need an antibiotic for this". Some listen, most don't. Onward...
I'm not cooking Thanksgiving dinner today. I'm thankful for that. Instead, I'm headed to my niece's home for the Thanksgiving meal. I was asked to bring "something chocolaty" and so, I will. It's called 'Lawson's Chocolate Psychosis', after my nephew Lawson who made this chocolate cake on Thanksgiving in 1998. It was a hit! He hasn't baked since. I wish I would have had the forethought to snap a few pictures during the process of mixing the batter, removing from cake pans, etc., but anyhow here's a picture with the "undercoating" of icing

Then, I took the cake over to the sink, where there is more light so you could see the finished product. (I'll try uploading pic later)

So, there you have it. Hoping above all that we all enjoy today's offerings what ever they may be and those that travel a safe going and return. Peace to all. Joyous Thanksgiving!