Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Healthy Banana Bread

Happy and Healthy New Year to us all!
I haven't blogged in a while, no floods, just my daughter's wedding, putting my house on the market, and Christmas--all enough to keep me too tired to post.
Haven't heard much talk of resolutions this time around. Strange, usually that's all one hears around this time of year--"This year, I'm gonna..." and so it goes. I like what Nike says, "JUST DO IT".
And, that's what I did. I was reading over my favorite food blogs and came across this recipe for 'healthy' banana bread. As you can see by the picture, I had on hand some ready bananas. I like to say they are all freckled instead of 'over-ripe'. So, instead of oohing and aahing over the pictures I just made the bread.

See, I did it. and it looks just like hers! It really does taste very good and even better the next morning lightly toasted with a smear of butter.

I've attempted to give a link to her blog so that you too may try the recipe. (click on highlighted area for link).

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