Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hey, I realize it's been a few days--maybe even a week since I last signed in. What can I say? I've been either too busy, too tired or just simply forgot. This whole blog thing is new to me and it's a little dissapointing when you see that no one is interested in what you've got to say--at least at this point.
Well, I got my professional cards today. They are really pretty. This is the first tiny step I am taking towards starting my own practice. I am seriously considering starting my own (part time) house call practice limited to adult and geriatrics--particularly the frail elderly. I've recently entertained the idea, met with a couple of NPs from down in Chattanooga (this is the meeting that I mentioned in my first blog) and reluctantly accepted an offer to do just that but it would be working with them--which is essentially for someone else. Not sure of all the details, that's what I don't like. I am hoping that in the coming weeks the details will be presented to me where I have it all laid out in black and white. I am still reluctant. I am just happy that I have options.

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