Thursday, September 3, 2009

Getting Started

This is my first blog on A Day in the Life of a Geriatric NP. If you are here to gain insight into the life of a NP--welcome. I will do my best to enter daily about my work. I love what I do. What a blessing to be able to make a living while doing something you really enjoy. I have other interests and first loves (as in cooking, gardening and daydreaming). More on those topics later.

I must leave for work soon but I will be back to post about my day. It should be an interesting day---I'm going to meet a few fellow NPs to discuss a new business opportunity. Yes, geriatrics is a specialty that not many care to do. It's not as "sexy" or lucrative as the day in a life of a critical care, cardiac or hospital based NP but but the patient population is growing (hey, we are all aging if we're not dead, right?) and with growth opportunities abound. My nursing career started out in the long term care setting, many years ago when I was searching for my life's work. I will write all about that soon. For now, I must get busy about my day--in the life of a geriatric NP.

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